Reflecting on the trip

This blog post is about me looking back on our trip and noticing what was good and not so good. We did amazing things and I also got to learn so much about US history and see some of the important and fascinating places in this country.

How did the trip compare with what you hoped it would be?

The trip was pretty much what I hoped for because we explored national parks,  we learned a lot about history, and we had lots of fun doing these things( except for the Ranger books). I also learned how to wood carve.

Give three words that best describes your trip? Explain why you picked them.

Close, because it was like being in a large box where everyone is almost always touching each other.

History, because we learned so much about people and places and we also went to places were they reenact what it was like to live in other times.

Fun, because we got to learn about different cultures and do fun activities.

What are some important things you learned about America? 

I learned that America is not perfect, because there were problems like racial inequality and women were not treated the same as men and these problems have not completely gone away. I also learned that America is humongous and has so many incredible national parks that are there for people to visit. And I learned that Americans think that freedom is very important and they are willing to fight for it.

In what ways do you think you grew this year?

I think that I grew by learning about carving and improving my knowledge of the history of America.

If you did the trip for another year, what would you do differently?

If I could do something differently another year I would like a bigger RV. I would like to know more about World War 1 and the Vietnam War. I would also like to see the national parks that we missed.

What did you miss the most this year?

What I missed most this year was not having my friends to talk with and play with. I also missed, Jenny Lou’s, cheap movies, and Lili our ayi.

What was the hardest part about living/schooling on the road?

The hardest part about living on the road was not having enough time to carve and not having my friends to play with.

Twenty years from now, what do you think you’ll remember about this year?

In the future I think I’ll remember the amazing national parks and the not so amazing Junior Ranger books. I’ll also remember the cool places like Dave and Busters, but also historical places like Plymouth and Sturbridge.

Would you ever do a trip like this with your kids? Why or why not?

I think I might because the history was really cool and the national parks are beautiful. Also because there are places to stop where we could bike or ski. But I would not want to drive a giant RV because it would be very tiring and stressful.

Pick three favorite photos from this trip. 


Wild horses in the Outer Banks

DSC_0728 (1)

A amazing valley at Yosemite


Yellowstone canyon in Yellowstone.

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