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In this blog post (my last) I will be reflecting on the trip that we have just finished. Right now it is weird to think that this trip that we have spent so much time planning and then doing is finally over. I think I will miss some parts of the trip, like seeing all the cool places, but I am definitely happy to be going back to school and being around other kids.

Give three words that best describes your trip. Explain why you picked them.

Long (and Short)
The trip seemed to last a long time but looking back now, it seems like it went by quickly.

Before this trip I didn’t know much American history, but now understanding the history can help to understand the country now.

The RV was a fairly large RV but nothing compared to a real house and sometimes it felt very small.

What are some important things you learned about America?

One important thing that I have learned on this trip is how the government works and what the different branches can and can’t do. For example the President can’t make laws but he or she can veto them and stop them from being made.

I learned from this trip that America is always changing. I think that one of the reasons for this is that people are coming from all over the world with different ideas and beliefs and sharing them with others.

Another thing that I learned from this trip was that the ideas that America was founded on are ideas that had never been tried in the modern world. I think that America had a lot of things that they tried that no one else had done before.

In what ways do you think you grew this year?

I think that I have a much better understanding of American history and people from this trip, and also the process  of writing blog posts. I think that over the course of this year my writing improved and I think I got better by writing a lot.

If you did the trip for another year, what would you do differently?

If we had another year to travel then I would spend more time in places, especially California, so we could see more of what there and also to have days where we only did work and days where we relaxed.

What was the hardest part about living/schooling on the road?

The hardest parts about living in the RV were not having other kids around to do things with,  being within 35 feet of the same four people for most of the time, and having a bed that deflated every night.

Twenty years from now, what do you think you’ll remember about this year?

Twenty years from now I will remember the national parks most I think because they are very unique and stand out apart from the rest of the trip. Also the ranger books, because we spent a lot of time arguing about doing them. I think I will remember it being hard to always be moving and packing up the RV. But I also had a lot of fun with my family that was memorable

Would you ever do a trip like this with your kids? Why or why not?

This trip had many fun things in it but I wouldn’t want to do it again because I have already done it. I also think that if my kids lived in America there wouldn’t be a need for a trip like this because they would already learn American history in school and we could see places in America because we would live here.

Three Favorite Photos

These are three of my favorite photos that I took using my iPod.

Painted Desert, NM

Painted Desert, NM

Wild flowers in a state park in CA. Edited with Color Splash

Wild flowers in a state park in CA. Edited with Color Splash

Trees in Yosemite NP, CA

Trees in Yosemite NP, CA

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