Being a truck owner again


July 30, 2014   This isn’t my first time owning a truck. Those of you who knew me way-back-when may remember “Jake”, my 1981 white Ford F150 that I drove while I lived in Atlanta. Jake used to belong to my great-Aunt Alice before I took the wheel and Jake was about as basic a vehicle as you could get – I’m talking no radio even. Despite that, we made a good (well, interesting, at least) pair cruising down Peachtree Road! And now, here I am again (as a co-owner this time) with a Ford truck in the driveway.

What a process this has been – truck-buying, I mean. I thought this might be a pretty simple task, one we could check off of our to-do list right away but….not so much. I’ll give credit right up front though – Rob did the majority of the legwork on this task. And we’re finally done – we now have a truck that can safely pull a big RV all over the country!

We looked at Chevys, Fords, Dodges and, as expected, each had their pluses and minuses. We took test drives, asked tons of questions (that clearly showed our inexperience with all things associated with hauling an RV), spent time with numerous salespeople, and surfed the web endlessly for the perfect truck. We read up on what to look for in a tow vehicle, we talked to RV salespeople, and we surfed the web some more. Who knew all the things that had to be considered? Used vs new, long bed vs. standard, crew cab vs. extended cab, diesel vs. gas, and so on. And the other thing we had to keep in mind was resale – because we’re planning on selling the truck next summer and we’re really hoping for it to hold it’s value (alas, our budget counts on it). So, that meant also considering what other people want to buy so that we can sell it quickly and for a good price.

Who knew that once we finally honed in on what we wanted, it wouldn’t be available on this side of the country? Argh. But it all turned out alright in the end and we now have a shiny, silver 2013 Ford F250 Super Duty diesel truck. Crew cab (which means the boys have a full back seat) and with spiffy running boards so that we can actually get into it without looking ridiculous.

So now we’re working on naming this  beauty of a truck b/c every big truck should have a name, right? And Rob has come through again – two good suggestions. “Burl” (or Burly) is option #1. Try to follow along while I explain…If you’ve ever watched the claymation TV Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you may remember a certain song sung by folksinger, Burl Ives. No, not ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ – but one much more fitting for our situation… ‘Silver and Gold’.  Get it?! The truck is silver and our last name is Gold so it works, right?

Ok, so here’s choice #2.. “Vin” (or Vinnie) because it’s a diesel truck so it’s like calling it Vin Diesel, and he’s a truckish kind of dude, right?

We haven’t presented these options to the boys yet and we haven’t gotten their suggestions (which I’m sure they’ll have) so who knows what this great, silver, beast of a truck will finally be called. Feel free to give us some suggestions and I’ll keep you posted on the final decision.  🙂


Our new truck – yet to be named

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