Camp Woodstock

Last week I left this awesome camp called Camp Woodstock. It’s really fun because you get to do fun things like playing in the lake, activities, and nighttime activities. Playing in the lake is fun because they have a cool water trampoline and it has a rope swing and a slide connected. Another thing that’s cool about the lake is called red section fishing. Red section fishing is where you get a musselshell and the fish come to it and then you just grab the fish, but it’s really hard.

At Camp Woodstock we do a lot of activities. I did Navy Seals, BB Gunnery, Archery, Outdoor Cooking, and Ultimate Frisbee. In Navy Seals we do things like play camouflage. In camouflage we have to be very stealthy and sneak up behind one person without getting caught. In BB’s we just shoot BB guns. In Archery we shoot arrows and play Mafia. In Mafia there is a god and everyone put’s their heads down then he chooses a Mafia and an angel. Then the Mafia kills someone and the angel saves someone. Then we try and guess who the Mafia is.

There are activities called night games and they’re at night of course. “What you do at night games?” I hear you shout at me. Well, I will tell you. At night games everyone at camp plays and there is always a skit to go with it and the skits are usually funny but sometimes they are scary. In a night game called Chaos we run around like crazy trying to get points. To get point’s we have to catch the counselors who are dressed as scary characters. Chaos is fun and scary at the same time.

Here is a video from my session at Camp Woodstock. Can you find me and Miles in it?

I really love Camp Woodstock and think you would like it too.


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