Four Photo Friday – Still in CT

Wow, this week went by quickly! We continue to stay really busy gearing up for our travels, but we’re also managing to squeeze in some fun. The extra time in Connecticut has been great. Here are some highlights:

Pequot Museum

The Pequot Museum: This week, we began easing ourselves into “school” work. Jen started the boys on a personalized Math program using Ten Marks, and I’ve got them looking into the topic of Native Americans of the northeast. The academic highlight of the week was a trip to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum. A product of casino revenues, the museum is really amazing for its vivid and realistic portrayals of Native American life prior to European contact. We especially enjoyed the village area where life-sized figures engage in various aspects of daily life. A hidden gem for anyone visiting Connecticut!

Owen Hotdog

Baseball and Hotdogs: You can’t get more American than this! On Wednesday night, we took in a game with the Rock Cats, our local minor league team. It was a beautiful late summer’s night with plenty of action (two grand slam home runs). Owen has recently discovered chili dogs (his Grammy would be proud) and this one had the added benefit of melted Velveeta cheese. Nom nom nom nom.

Trampoline Time: Another fun activity for the boys was their first visit to Flight, a new trampoline gym they found not far from our neighborhood. The place was filled with trampolines, obstacles, dunking nets, and a foam pit. Miles and Owen exhausted themselves with an hour of bouncing, flips, and a bit of parkour.  I’m breaking my own rules by showing a video instead of a photo, but it’s really the best way to see what it’s like.

Chore Sticks

Chore Sticks: Well, it’s not all just fun and games around here. We’ve also needed to figure out a way to take care of all the house work. Jen has devised a plan that gets everyone involved. We pick sticks out of a jar at the beginning of the week and keep those  jobs until the the weekend. The colors represent whether it’s a daily, weekly, or every-other-week kind of chore. Trades are allowed as long as you keep the same number of sticks. We hope to keep this going when we’re in the RV, too. Day 1 went well and the house is tidy and clean. Thanks for the help, boys!



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