Four Foto Friday – MA and NH

Just returned from an action packed week in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Even though we don’t have the RV yet, we wanted to visit Jen’s Aunt and Uncle at Silver Lake, something we try to squeeze in each summer. We’re also easing in to the “school” year with a few educational activities, which are part of the highlights below.

Boys at Plimoth

Plimoth Plantation: The first stop this week was a day trip to Plimoth Plantation. This “living museum” tells the story early English settlement of the northeastern US. Historical re-enactors go about their daily lives and answer questions from visitors to their village, just seven years after the Mayflower‘s landing. The story is told not just from the English perspective, but also from the Wampanoag Indian’s whose camp lies just outside the plantation walls. Miles and Owen especially enjoyed hearing about Native American life, learning to how to plaster a colonial house with wattle and daub, and checking out the muskets that were used at this time. We finished the day with a quick trip to the Mayflower II, a full sized replica of the original ship that carried these settlers to the New World. A great trip for us all!

Mt. Chacorua

Camping and Climbing Mount Chocorua: From Plimoth, we drove to New Hampshire for two days of tent camping. Even though we don’t have our RV yet (pickup this coming week!) it was a great way for us all to get into the camping spirit with a pretty location, evening campfires, and a great hiking challenge. It took us 6 hours to hike the 8 mile trail up and down Mt Chocorua, a beautiful climb that affords incredible views of the state’s White Mountains. This was a big accomplishment for Miles and Owen, who have done hikes in Asia, but nothing of this length or altitude (3478 ft). Let’s hope this is the first of many more mountains to come.

Boys Letterboxing

Letter-boxing in Madison, NH: From two nights of tent camping, we joined Jen’s aunt and uncle at their cabin on Silver Lake (Madison, NH). Debbie and Dean are both history buffs, and they recently obtained a set of letter-box clues that describe the history of the local area. This scavenger hunt activity took us to an abandoned lead mine, to the huge glacially-deposited Madison boulder, and to the site of bean-hole cooking that was inherited from Native Americans and is still celebrated in the town today. In this photo, Owen is adding a stamp (found in each letter box) to his journal.

Jen Silver Lake

Relaxing at Silver Lake: No trip to New Hampshire would be complete without a bit of fun at Silver Lake. Whether it was listening to family stories, playing with Bentley the dog, jumping from a rope swing on Blueberry Island, or spotting baby loons from a kayak, there’s no shortage of entertainment at the lake. It was especially nice to experience the lake so late in the season (something we often miss) with its cooler nights and hints of autumn colors. Thanks for a great visit, Debbie and Dean!






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