The Fun Farm

Shooting paintballs at targets.

Shooting paintballs at targets.

When Miles and I were visiting our aunt and uncle outside of Boston, we drove to a farm. It had a lot of fun things to do.

There were exciting activities like rodeo, corn maze, paintball, and a huge jumping pillow. The rodeo was a fake bull that moved in all directions. It was really hard to stay on and fun to ride. Miles and I held on for a while and when it started we looked really weird trying to hold on. There were two paintball games. The first was we shot paintballs at targets. The next was a paintball gun that shot foam balls. We picked some really good apples and raspberries. There was a huge corn maze shaped as the US. We got lost a few times. It was pretty hard but we got through it eventually. We had good cider donuts that were covered in sugar. We also watched a pig race. There were four small pigs. Each one of us chose one pig that we thought would win and Miles’s pig won (pigs are surprisingly fast). At the farm there was a big jumping pillow that was really fun. There were a lot of people on it so I got double bounced a lot.

The farm was really fun. If you’re in the Boston area you should try and go to Connor’s Farm.

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6 responses to “The Fun Farm

  1. Great article, Owen! You’ve made me want to visit the farm. Are these activities always there, or are they just there now as part of the fall/harvest celebration?

  2. Owen this is an outstanding post…you’re writing is engaging and thoughtful, great voice! I’m glad you made it through the US maze. I’m sure that has set you up well for the maze of actually travelling around the US…hope you only get lost a few times on the big journey as well. Pigs ARE surprisingly fast!

  3. What grade are you in? This is outstanding writing!

  4. Grammy and Poppy

    Are you sure that you are not writing for a travel magazine??

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