Blabberize with Thomas Jefferson

This is a video called a Blabberize. It is a piece of writing that is spoken to make the mouth move. I made it after we went to Monticello in Virginia. My dad told me about this website and I started with writing the script about Thomas Jefferson. Then I got the photo and started to blabberize. Below is the script that I wrote and used.

DSC_0076“Good-day. My name is Thomas Jefferson, but you can call me TJ.

I was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. It was a beautiful place to grow up. My father was a surveyor and he had lots of land and slaves. When I was older, I went to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. It was there that I studied law and became a lawyer.

In 1776, I joined the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to represent my colony of Virginia. At this meeting, they asked me to write the Declaration of Independence because I had the best writing. In the Declaration of Independence, I wrote “All Men are Created Equal”. I was trying to abolish slavery but some of the parts got scratched out by others. We still got our independence from England.

After that, I got elected as the Governor of Virginia. I was also Secretary of State under George Washington, Vice President for John Adams, and then President of the United States.

As President, I bought the Louisiana Territory from France. It cost 15 million dollars for over 500 million acres; that means about 4 cents an acre. This doubled the size of America. I also sent out explorers, Lewis and Clark, to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean. It took them over two years before they returned. Along the way they made friends with Native American tribes and brought me back some artifacts like arrows and fur blankets. They couldn’t have done this expedition without the help of a Native American called Sacajawea.

My favorite place to be is my home in Monticello, which I designed myself. It is filled with books, collections of fossils, maps, and Native American artifacts. I like to drink wine and eat French food with my guests. I also have many pets including mockingbirds and bear cubs. I invented the polygraph, which makes 2 copies from 1 handwritten letter. This lets me keep one copy and send one so that if someone replied, I always know what I said before.

As I reach the end of my life, I feel the need to do something else so I’m creating the University of Virginia. I do not want to have hundreds of slaves, but who will take care of my house if I have no slaves? The slaves will get passed down to my family. I have lived a wealthy life but I have lots of debts to pay.

As I grow old, I’ve been thinking that on my grave stone I want it to say that I was the author of the Declaration of Independence and Virginia’s Statute of Religious Freedom and that I founded the University of Virginia. I believe in “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.”



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