Four Foto Friday – Lone Star State

Note: For this month, we decided to share the writing of Four Foto Friday. Here are Owen’s comments and photos from this week’s travels in Texas. – Rob


Bull riding at the rodeo

Rodeo in Fort Worth: We went to a rodeo with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They started of with the bulls and I can’t believe the riders would try and stay on for 8 seconds. Then the part that none of the family liked was when they tied a strong lasso and then yanked the calf’s neck. Then they would flip the calf over and tie its legs together while the horse was still pulling its neck. After that, they did barrel racing, bareback riding, steer roping and some other things. It was a fun first rodeo for us.


Opening a huge geode

Dallas Museums: In Dallas, we spent time in a museum called the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. There were lots of things to do there. My favorite was the sports exhibit. I got to race a cheetah, T-rex, football player, and other things. My fastest sprint was 11.35 mph, as fast as a pig. The sports exhibit also had an activity where I compared my throws and kicks to a professional athlete. I also stood on a board that made me feel like I was in an earthquake. They also had neat exhibits on energy, rocks and minerals, space, and dinosaurs. Two other museums that we saw in Dallas were the George W. Bush Presidential Libary and the Sixth Floor Museum about President Kennedy’s assassination.


With Eva, Miles, Jacqueline (and a furry friend)

Food and Family: We went to a Tex-Mex restaurant with my grandfather’s sister and her husband. The chips and the salsa were so good that I was almost full by the time the food got to us. I ordered a super good chicken enchilada with beans and rice. At dinner time our aunt, uncle and cousins came with us to another Tex-Mex place. I had a giant burrito but I only ate about a third of it so I ate it the next day. It was great to see some of our relatives in Dallas.


Riding the bull at Jumpstreet

Jumpstreet in  Austin: On our first day in Austin, we went to theTexas State History Museum and a place called Jumpstreet, an indoor trampoline park. It had a mechanical bull that I rode on and I got thirty seconds. There was also a trampoline dodgeball pit. The dodgeball was especially fun because we could jump super high and dodge easily. They also had a maze of cut out pieces of fabric so we could not see if it was a passage way or a wall, so it is super hard to get out. They also had a foam pit, an arcade, and a place were you could just do tricks. I really like playing at Jumpstreet but it made me super sore.

We still have a few more days in Austin and then San Antonio. More about the Lone Star State next week!

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