Four Foto Friday – New Mexico


Cute Javelina

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park – Carlsbad, NM: While we were in Carlsbad we went to this zoo where we saw the native wild animals of New Mexico. We saw lots of snakes, wild cats, and other animals. Some of my favorite animals were the mountain lion, the javelina, and prairie dogs. They also had buffalo, bobcats, and some scorpions and spiders. A lot of these animals had different adaptations that helped them live in the desert. The living desert also had many different types of cactuses and other plants.  Most of these plants had spikes though and looked quite different from the plants in other parts of the country.


View from the slopes

Santa Fe Ski Area – Santa Fe, NM: On our first day in Santa Fe we went to Santa Fe Ski Mountain and went snowboarding. Because we hadn’t been snowboarding very much before, we took two lessons that were two hours each. During the first lesson, Owen and I both fell a lot and got pretty tired. Then, after a two hour lunch break, we started our next lesson. During this lesson, we went on a few harder slopes and tried those but mostly stuck to the easy ones. My favorite part of snowboarding was going through the fluffy snow off to the sides near the trees. My dad also skied the same day.


Cave Dwellings at Santa Clara Pueblo

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center – Albuquerque, NM;Museum of Indian Arts and Culture – Santa Fe, NM; Puye Cliff Dwellings – Santa Clara Pueblo, NM: This week, we have been learning about the Native Americans. First, we went to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center where we learned about the 19 Pueblo tribes’ art and culture. Next, we went to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. At this museum we learned more about their culture than art, and this time it was about Native Americans in general. Then, we went to the Puye Cliff Dwellings on the Santa Clara Pueblo Reservation and looked through the caves. Also at the caves, our guide told us what it was like to be a Santa Clara Pueblo Indian now and about their daily lives.


Crushing sticks with a tractor

Mr. Bob from ISB; The Goodwin family from ISB; Gene H. and Barbara H. from AES: This week, we have seen many friends. Mr. Bob from ISB met us at the ski mountain and then we had dinner with him that evening in Santa Fe. Next, we went with Mr. Bob to the Goodwin’s, one of my dad’s former students and his family, for dinner that night. We also saw Gene and Barbara, who my parents used to work with at AES. While we were at their house and orchard in the mountains, we got to drive the tractor and collect wood piles from the trees. Seeing all of these friends was really fun and we learned a lot about Santa Fe from them.

8 responses to “Four Foto Friday – New Mexico

  1. The Javelina has just become my third favourite animal after the dragonfly and the red panda.

  2. Miles, your blogs just keep getting better and better! We loved your last one, and this makes me want to go back to a place I left many years ago and swore I’d never go back. What an adventure you’re having!

    • Thank you, Mimmy, for the compliment on my blog writing! It’s getting easier. If you do come back you should go to the Petrified Forest National Park!!! We went there yesterday and saw the painted desert which was so cool!

  3. I agree, the javelina is very cute. Is it like a pig or a boar?

    • Hi Aunt Kate,
      The Javelina looks a lot like a pig but it actually it’s own species and it is indigenous to the Americas.

  4. Grammy and Poppy

    From the desert to the mountains, all so very interesting. We have never seen a javelin, is it a pig? Very well written..

    • Hi Grammy and Poppy,
      Javelina are Collared Peccaries, not pigs, and they are smaller than pigs. Pigs originally came from Europe and peccaries are from the Americas.

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