Poems from the Road

Here are two poems that I wrote. The first was made in Carlsbad Caverns and the second is about a tree at our campsite in Florida. The way I made these poems was: first, I wrote a story about each place. Next, I wrote some describing words and then picked some of those words to use in the poem. (my dad helped me a tiny bit). Then, I used those words and made the poem.

DSC_0581  DSC_0560

The cavern opens
and gets darker
down, down, down.
Humid air
water dripping
down, down, down.
Jet black shadows
Stalagmites like termite hills.
Rough, uneven ground.
Stalactites hanging
like thin, sharp icicles.
Through the tunnel
to the King’s Palace
dim light and mysterious shadows.
Draperies long
flat and thin.
The Stone King

IMG_6012  IMG_6035

Old trunk
rough and grey
like sandpaper.
Strong limbs
winding and turning
reaching for the sun.
leaves like polished
dark emeralds.
Moss swaying
like seaweed and
hanging like a chandelier.
Soft but dry.
Shading us from
the sun.

I really like making poems and it is fun for me. I didn’t like writing down the story at first, but I liked writing the poem. Writing poems calms me, especially the one about the tree. It also helps me notice small details about the places we see.

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