Four Foto Friday – Southern California is Awesome!


Joshua tree, rocks, and rainbow.

Joshua Tree (near Palm Springs): At the Joshua Tree National Park we drove around until we found some huge boulders. We climbed them for a long time because it was fun to stand really high up. The piles were a bit hard to climb because some of the boulders were rounded and very rough. The shapes in the rocks were very interesting. The coolest one that I saw was a huge boulder that looked like a skull because it had two big carved out parts that were eyes and another that was the mouth. When we stopped climbing we drove on a road in the middle of nowhere where we saw lots of Joshua trees and other plants that grow in the desert.


Me and Miles at Tempest.

Tempest Freerunning Academy (in Los Angeles): I talked about Tempest in one of my first blog posts and I finally got to go there. It looks like a city that has construction because it has metal bars that you can swing on. It also has big metal pieces that people hang and jump on. At Tempest I took a beginners class and learned how to roll. This is really important because if you jump off a roof to another roof and don’t use a special roll then you are very likely to break something.  Another thing that I learned was how to vault. There are different types of vaults. The type of vault that we learned was a kong vault. It is where I put my hands out on something and jumped putting my knees right underneath my body. My favorite thing that I did was the kong vaults because I was pretty good at it and it was really fun. (Click here for a quick video of Owen doing rolls and Miles doing vaults)

Seals with their pups

Seal moms with their pups.

Seals (in La Jolla): We went to a beach called La Jolla Cove. When we got there we saw Harbor Seals up close and in the wild. The seals all looked different. Some had spots on gray fur and some had just brown fur and some were super fat. My mom was surprised that we could go so close to the seals when the pups (seal babies) were there. Miles and I think that it is hilarious how the seals get around on land. They look like inchworms when they have to get around on their flippers. We also saw another closed off part of the beach that had even more seals and pups. These seals were really cute and they made funny faces when they were lying down.

No leopard photo, but the hippos were cool, too.

No leopard photo, but the pygmy hippo was cool, too.

San Diego Zoo: At the zoo they had many animals. They split the zoo up so that the animals were grouped with others from the same part of the world. The zoo had lots of different types of animals. They had polar bears, leopards, lions, elephants, otters, baboons, naked mole rats, red and giant pandas, etc. My favorite animal is a leopard because of their fur which has black rings that are not all the same and the rings are all crooked. I also like that leopards are very stealthy and fast. The San Diego Zoo was one of my favorite zoos and the day that we went the weather was nice and sunny.

In addition to all of this, we got to see some really good friends from ISB and AES and stay with my mom and dad’s friend from when they lived in Atlanta. It was neat to see their houses and be with them in San Diego. I would like to go back there some time.

J&R Note: Big thanks to Elise V for her great hospitality and to Karin L and Chris B for making the time for a visit. So sorry to have missed Linda B… but now we all have a reason to come back!

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