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Help guide us! What places should we be sure not to miss? We’re always looking for recommendations on great camping spots, natural sites, historic/cultural attractions, restaurants, and fun things to do. Just add your idea to the comments below… we’d love your suggestions for the trip!


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  1. My country in Eastern Washington is pretty special to me. Around the Grand Coulee Dam area, but you’ve gotta love deserty type lands and BIG geological features. The way that landscape was formed is fascinating and the New Deal icon of the dam is a special reminder of how government infrastructure spending can help to kickstart an economy (still relevant today????). It’s not on your path but it’s a big country and you may be back in that area at some later stage…in fact maybe we could go together one year when we’re all a little older and greyer!

  2. We absolutely cannot wait for you to visit us down here and to follow your travels everywhere else. When you hit Florida, I would stop in St. Augustine for sure.

    Love, Adrienne/Auntie A

  3. Two Words: VEGAS, BABY. No American roadtrip is complete without a trip to Sin City. Just remember, Robert, what happen in Vegas, can’t be blogged about. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Golds!

  4. Coastal Maine is a must see. Rockport has a Lobster Festival the first weekend in August.
    Megunticook is a wuit, beautiful camp ground on the ocean. Close to a lot of lighthouses.
    You can sit on a swing and look out over the water at night. The stars are amazing! Early in the am you will see boats coming by and pulling up lobster pots. We’ve even seen dolphins. If not the Rockport area then stop and check out at least one beautiful, coastal Maine town.

  5. San Diego….Sun Surf and the Brus

  6. Jen (Murawski) Stevens

    Hey Rob — doesn’t sound like Colorado is is your plans, but should you find yourselves out our way in Colorado Springs, we’d love to see you!

  7. Gwyneth dean-witte

    Please stop in Wessington springs, SD, on hiway
    34 in South Dakota. We have Shakespeare garden in Wess springs- the only thatched roof in the upper Midwest!
    The wittes r here! And we r on your way to Mount Rushmore in the black Hills.

  8. Rob & Jen – I’ve been thinking about your trip and one idea that came to mind has to so with learning the state capitals. I got into a debate a few years ago at a dinner party about whether knowing the state capitals is important — that conversation seems to be the penance all history teachers pay for choosing this profession. One of my thoughts on the stet capital debate is that the locations of the capitals usually isn’t connected to the most important parts of the state in 2014 (Hartford is of course the exception). You guys have a chance that most students don’t have, which is to see this with your eyes in a way that looking on a map doesn’t satisfy. The capitals were selected in a time when that location was really important. It might be fun for the boys to look at the forces that made Sacramento an important place in the 1850s, and compare that to where a capital might be today if it were relocated. The locations tell a story of an America that doesn’t exist today.

    Shoot, now I really want to be on your trip!

  9. Nevada! Yes see us and see the many hiking areas around here and into AZ or UT.
    Also go to the Olympic Peninsular in WA – not only can you eat at Matt’s mum’s restaurant, but you will have seen many different regions (temperate forests, deserts, Everglades, etc) so why not see the temperate rain forests too? (Yes I know it is unlikely but worth suggesting!)

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