The Plan

Given that this is our first RV experience (?!), we thought it wise to ease into it slowly. Our travels will happen over the course of 3 successive trips, each one longer than the next. Hopefully, the time in between will allow us to make adjustments as we go.

Trip #1 – September (4 weeks)

This will be the “test run” in our new RV. The goal is to remain somewhat close to home and explore New England. Pre-colonial and colonial history will be a main focus, with visits to places like Plimoth Plantation, Sturbridge Village, Mystic Village, Salem, The Pequod Museum, and Boston’s Freedom Trail. Autumn in New England is also a highlight, so we’ll want to get out and enjoy nature in destinations like Mount Washington, Acadia National Park, and the New England coast. Our loop will take us through NH, ME, MA, RI, and back to CT.

Trip #2 – October-December (10 weeks)

As the autumn chill descends on New England, we’ll turn our sights on the mid-atlantic and southeastern states. Our journey will stick largely to the coast, visiting Philadelphia, DC, Williamsburg, Charleston, Savannah, St. Augustine, and Orlando. Early America and the Civil War will be a main focus, along with changes in the physical and cultural landscape as we head South. Our journey will also include stops to see family and friends along the way. States in this leg of the trip include NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA and FL. This second trip will end with a week-long stay in Walt Disney World, just before our “winter break” begins.

Winter Break (3-6 weeks)

Following Disney, we store the RV somewhere in the southeast and make the return trip home to CT. This will give us a chance to enjoy the holidays with family, as well as conduct our search for new international teaching jobs. Our departure from CT will depend on how quickly we can secure our jobs. We could be back on the road by mid-January, or it may take a few weeks longer. Either way, this will also give us plenty of time with family and enjoy the winter (first time in a while!) in our house.

Trip #3 – February-June (~17 weeks)

This is the big one. First, we’ll pickup the RV in the southeast, then head west. One big question that we haven’t yet resolved is whether to take a coastal (via New Orleans) or inland (via Nashville and Memphis) route to Texas. Either way, our goal is to cross the Mississippi River and spend most of February and March exploring the Southwest (TX, NM, AZ). April will find us in California, driving first up the coast and then backtracking on an inland route through the Sierra Nevadas. National parks, native Americans, and westward expansion will all be major themes for this portion of the trip.

By late April, we hope to be in the Grand Canyon area, looking to make the turn north and following the spring weather. Our plan is to travel the western slope of the Rockies, hitting several parks in NV, UT, and WY and taking lots of time to enjoy the outdoors. At Yellowstone, we’ll begin trip back east with quick stops in SD, MI, and NY. This final bit of the journey may be a little speedy in order to make it back to CT by June, but still enough time to explore each region and wrap-up this once in a lifetime trip.


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