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Four Foto Friday – Boston and the Cape

Last weekend, the boys had a great time with their Aunt and Uncle (thanks Barbara and David!) while Jen and I enjoyed a relaxing couple of days to ourselves. On Monday, we resumed our family road trip with two days in Boston and another two on Cape Cod. Here are some photo highlights:

Practicing the muster drill at the Minuteman Museum

Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!

Concord: Minute Man National Park was the main historical stop with Uncle David and Aunt Barbara. Here they spent the day learning about the Battle of Lexington and Concord. They also enjoyed a private lesson on how to “muster” like a revolutionary solider. The boys also had a chance to go apple picking, do a corn maze, shoot paintball guns, watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, play in an arcade, win loads of candy, and ride a mechanical bull (seriously). Aunt Barbara and Uncle David are way too much fun… no way we can compete with that!


Rockport Harbor

Rockport: With the boys in good hands, Jen and I also had a nice weekend exploring the north shore (Cape Ann). Our first stop was the quaint town of Essex, where we ate at Woodman’s, a 100-year institution that specializes in fried clams, and checked out the a few antique shops. Then, we visited Gloucester to pay our respects at the Fisherman’s Memorial in the center of town. Finally, we hit Rockport, a wonderfully picturesque village that beckoned for us to just poke around the many art galleries and cafes. A very pleasant couple of days.

Outside Paul Revere's House.

Outside Paul Revere’s House.

Boston: By Monday, we were back together in downtown Boston to explore many famous sites along the The Freedom Trail and Black Heritage Trail. The historical info was flying fast, but the guides and park rangers did a great job of keeping things interesting and understandable. We toured Paul Revere’s House, climbed the Bunker Hill Monument, boarded the USS Constitution, learned Revolutionary-era printing, and visited the first African American school in the country.  We also had fun checking out the buskers in front of Quincy Market and eating some incredible Italian food in Boston’s North End.

Skim boarding the Cape

Skim boarding the Cape

Cape Cod: On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Boston and headed south to the Cape. Most of the day was spent along Cape Cod National Seashore, which provided opportunities to hike around a salt marsh, climb the Highlands Lighthouse, enjoy the secluded beaches in Truro, and checkout the sand dunes near Province Lands. Skim boarding was the boys’ highlight… we even had seals (and probably sharks) watching us from the waves just beyond the sand bar. Sunset and dinner in Provincetown capped off the action-packed day.

Our time in Cape Cod has been so fun, we’ve decided to stay one more day in order to visit the annual Scallop Festival in nearby Yarmouth. Tomorrow, we’ll move to our final stop, Charlestown NH, and checkout a Revolutionary War re-enactment at Fort No.4.

Our first leg of GFRT comes to an end on Monday, so we’ll put a pause on FFF until our travel resume in early October. It’s been an amazing start to our yearlong adventure. More photos and reflections on New England (and much much more) are still to come.