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Paring down the “stuff”

July 27, 2014     So you may have read Rob’s post about all of our “stuff” and how un-like the Mongolian nomads we are. He wasn’t lying! We don’t have as much as some but, we have more than many. And, as you may know, we have a shipping container with more of our belongings sailing our way (due to arrive in August). But what you may not know is that we already have a pretty full house here in CT. A small house, by most standards, and not one with lots of extra space for more. So, what to do? Get clearing out and have another yard sale! (this would be our third since May so we’re in the groove, right?)

We waited to do this until the boys were off at camp. Mostly just because it would be an easier, quicker process with just the two of us – not b/c we were trying to sell any of their prized possessions (really!). We took three whole days to sort through the whole house  top to bottom – every room plus the garage, attic, and basement. Yes, there were some disagreements over what to keep and what to get rid of (like those old, unused in-line skates), there were some hard choices (do we keep the wedding gift platter that we’ve never used?), some sad moments (could we really say goodbye to the old, red wagon that we used to haul the boys around in when they were little?), but overall, when we were finished, we felt good – lighter and a bit freer. We even took time to admire all the space in our cleared out basement which hasn’t been that empty since we moved in to our house almost 11 years ago.


And then we had our sale. Yes, it’s a pain to drag everything out there onto the lawn and it can get a bit tiresome to haggle over prices for hours, but it’s always fun to catch up with neighbors who stop by to say hello and meet new people who have moved into the neighborhood while we’ve been away.

And I know this sounds odd to some and rings a bell with others but, for me, it’s not always easy to get rid of things that I have emotional attachments to (maybe b/c it was given to me by someone special, purchased on a particular trip, or a remembrance of a special time gone-by). However, when I meet a person who is excited about something we are selling and who will clearly enjoy it or use it or even find a better use for it than we ever had, I always feel better about letting it go. It’s almost as if it feels right to do so. Corny sounding, I know, but it works for me.

Another added bonus…we made a bit of money. And, given that we’re both unemployed this year, the cash will certainly come in handy, right?! Actually, we had agreed that whatever money we earned would be put towards our trip to Disney in December and so after the sale I joked with Rob saying that at least now we’d be able to eat while we were there! Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe here we come!