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Four Foto Friday – The Great Lakes Region

We started this week off in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and have made our way to just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. This week has been a fast week, moving from place to place.


Racing in the Lazy River

While we were in Wisconsin, we stopped at the water slide capital of the world, Wisconsin Dells. In Wisconsin Dells, we stayed at the Mt. Olympus Resort. We were only there for one day so we stayed for five hours. At this park all of the outdoors water slides were closed for the winter, so we went on the indoors water slides. My favorite water slide was the biggest one that was at the park. On it we went in two person tubes down it. It had two water falls and half of the slide was with a closed top and half with it open. My other favorite part was racing the rafts on the lazy river. Even though the whole park wasn’t open we still had a lot of fun on the indoor water slides. I also liked that because it was off-season and there were not many people there.

Captured German U-Boat U-505.

In Chicago we drove to see the Museum of Science and Industry. First we explored the exhibit about extreme weather and natural disasters. There we learned about tornados, tsunamis, and avalanches. After this we moved on to the Numbers in Nature exhibit where we learned about all of the mathematical formulas that can be found in patterns in nature. After, we saw the only German U-Boat to be captured in WWII, the U-505. I really liked the U-505 exhibit because we watched movies on how it was captured and then we saw it in the museum. The last thing that we did was my mom and I saw the D-Day movie and Owen and my dad went to the human body exhibit and chemistry exhibit. The D-Day movie was good because it showed what happened on every side (Nazi Germany, allied forces, and the French resistance). It also showed where the armies landed on the coast and which country they were from. Another thing about the movie that I liked was they talked specifically about certain vehicles or tools that were essential to taking the beaches at Normandy.

friends collage for fff

Top: the Pospichals, Middle: Ms. Mack, Bottom: The Burkes.


Over this week we have seen many people in Minnesota and Illinois. While we were in the gopher state of Minnesota, we saw the Pospichals who used to work with my parents at ISB. Next we were in Chicago where we saw my 6th grade homeroom teacher, Ms. Mack, and went to have  stuffed pizza which I didn’t eat but everyone else liked. Then a few days ago we went to see one of my mom’s friends from UConn and her family outside of Chicago. While we were there Owen and I had lots of fun playing capture-the-flag and nukem with their kids.

Rvs through time exhibit

RVs through time exhibit.

On Friday we went to Elkhart, Indiana to see the RV Museum and Hall of Fame. We started out by going to see some of the modern RVs and motor homes. In the modern section they had two big 35-40 foot RVs and a few smaller ones. I liked the smaller RVs because they were old RVs that had been renovated. Next we went through the history of RVs exhibit. There they had old RVs from different time periods. I really liked this part because it was interesting to see how the RVs have changed. Compared to even the nicest old RVs ours is very nice.

We have 12 more days to go on our trip around America and still three more states till we get back to Connecticut. This will be my last Four Foto Friday for the year, although I will still write more normal blog posts.